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    Using the right ammunition best suited for your type of hunting or shooting is crucial to being successful. We stock ammunition for handguns, shotguns, and rifles. From common calibers to hard-to-find ammunition, let us be your one-stop-shop for your ammunition needs. learn more »

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    Apparel & Boots

    Backwater Guns & Outfitters offers a wide variety of apparel to keep you prepared on the range and stylish in everyday life. Lines we carry include Under Armour Tactical, Blackhawk, and 5.11 Tactical. This includes breathable range shirts and tactical pants with multiple pockets for range necessities, as well as the Under Armour Storm line of water-resistant jackets, pants, and sweatshirts. We are also one of a select few retailers of Simply Southern’s hugely popular lines of tees, tanks, and pullovers for women. For your hunting needs, we supply a multitude of Mossy Oak jackets and sweatshirts for men and women at the most competitive pricing you’ll find. Backwater Guns & Outfitters is also one of the top retailers of boots in the area, with lines such as Under Armour Tactical, Rocky Boots, and Lacrosse Boots. Any season, any style, we have what you're looking for. learn more »

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    Class III

    It’s important to be familiar with the National Firearms Act, which outlines all registration and taxation procedures. Since Backwater Guns & Outfitters has a Class III license, we are able to get you the best options available of all short-barreled rifles (SBRs), short-barreled shotguns (SBSs), silencers, and Transferrable Machine Guns. Not only are we here to help educate you and assist you in selecting the best Class III items for your needs, but we are also here to help you understand the process of obtaining such items. We will help you establish an NFA gun trust, which helps make NFA purchases and paperwork much more streamlined and efficient. Once the trust is understood and in place, we will let you know exactly what paperwork is required and how it should be completed. NFA sales are strict and require experience and knowledge to handle, so call us, and we will gladly assist you in this unique and worthwhile buying process. learn more »

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    Concealed Carry Handbags

    Backwater Guns & Outfitters carries a variety of concealed carry handbags for storage and carrying your concealed carry weapons. All handbags are built with an exclusive compartment for your handgun, featuring an adjustable holster within the compartment. We have styles to fit every preference and budget, so come into our store and check out our selection! learn more »

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    Firearm Accessories

    You have the gun of your dreams. Now it’s time to accessorize. We carry a huge selection of gear for firearms, from ammunition and reloading powder to carrying cases, handbags, bipods, magazines, red dot optics, and so much more. Backwater Guns & Outfitters has a wide variety of accessories for all types of firearms, and we are here to outfit all of your accessorizing needs. learn more »

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    Backwater Guns & Outfitters carries a wide variety of firearms, from hunting and precision rifles, to handguns and tactical firearms for personal use and home defense. In addition to firearms, we are stocked with a variety of ammunition, whether you’re aiming for elk, varmint, or a target. Backwater Guns & Outfitters carries the most popular ammunition types from the top brands in the industry. Not content with buying pre-made ammunition? We have all the supplies you need to make your own ammunition with our selection of powders and primers.

    Make sure you hit your target with our selection of targets and optics, and be sure to stop by and pick up the supplies you need to maintain your firearms, from solvents and lubricants to cleaners.

    You will also want to keep your guns secure, and we are here to help you with that. From handguns to rifles or semi-automatic weapons, we carry a variety of safes to accommodate firearms of any type and size. learn more »

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    Backwater Guns & Outfitters carries a wide variety of flashlights of different colors, sizes and styles to meet your every need. Whether you are a law enforcement officer looking for a duty light or a gun enthusiast looking for something to mount to your weapon, we have the flashlight for you. learn more »

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    Gun Cases

    Backwater Guns & Outfitters has a variety of cases for firearms. Whether you need a case for a handgun or a case for a rifle, we have it. learn more »
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    Gun Safes

    Make sure to keep your guns secure and locked up in a safe. From handguns to rifles or semi-automatic weapons, we carry a variety of safes to accommodate guns of any type and size. Safes also protect jewelry, cash and other valuable household items. learn more »
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    From pocket knives to cutlery, personal security to hunting, tactical to camping and multi-tool, Backwater Guns & Outfitters has it all. Our selection includes the top brands in the industry. Unsure what kind of knife would be best for your use? Ask our staff for help in selecting the right knife for your needs. learn more »

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    Shooting Range Equipment

    Backwater Guns & Outfitters offers a full selection of equipment and accessories for the shooting range. We feature ear and eye protection from trusted names like Peltor, Surefire, and Smith Optics. We also carry the entire line of Champion targets, eye protection, and ear protection. learn more »

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    Survivalist Equipment

    Your safety is our concern too at Backwater Guns & Outfitters. Be prepared each and every time you venture into the outdoors with survivalist equipment from Adventure Medical Kits, Instafire, Wise Food, and Epic Food. learn more »

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    Cleaning Equipment

    Keep your gun clean and functioning properly with Backwater Guns & Outfitters’s supply of firearm cleaning supplies, including brushes, oils, solvents, patches, and more. Stop in and check out our selection. If you’re not sure what you need, or not seeing something, ask any of our helpful associates. learn more »

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    Protect yourself, your family, and your home with a handgun. Backwater Guns & Outfitters carries a variety of handguns and related accessories, including holsters and gun storage solutions. learn more »
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    Backwater Guns & Outfitters is a licensed seller of Class III silencers and carries a huge selection of styles and calibers. You will find brands such as Silencerco, AAC, Sig Sauer, Gemtech and more! Our salesmen are experts in helping you understand how each different type of silencer benefits your shooting experience. They will guide you in choosing the right silencer, with the correct adaptors to fit your firearm’s thread patterns. learn more »

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    Rifles for any application. From tactical to hunting, Backwater Guns & Outfitters has you covered. If you're looking for a wide selection of hunting rifles to fit any budget, we have hundreds in stock every day. learn more »

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    Short Barreled Rifles (SBR's)

    Our service professionals are well-versed in the regulations and licensing of Short Barreled Rifles. We will listen to your needs and wants and help you find the perfect fit, and we will guide you in the paperwork requirements to make that weapon legally yours. Backwater Guns & Outfitters is proud to be your SBR resource. learn more »

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    Factory-Suppressed Rifles

    Suppressors diminish the sound of the shot and visible muzzle flash. The same is true for our Factory Suppressed Rifle options. Hunt incognito and protect your hearing. Our employees can suggest the best options for you. learn more »

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    Backwater Guns & Outfitters has a huge variety to choose from when it comes to selecting the perfect holster for your firearm. From concealable pocket holsters to Serpa retention holsters and specialty leather, let one of our sales associates help you find the right fit for your carrying needs. learn more »

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    Backwater Guns & Outfitters carries a variety of used and pre-owned firearms, and our stock is changing every day. Come in to see our current selection. We always have top brands, including Kimber, Glock, Sig, and many more. learn more »

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    Trap, skeet, sporting, pump, tactical—we have them all! Backwater Guns & Outfitters stocks many shotguns featuring the best prices in the area. 

    Need advice? Ask one of our helpful associates. learn more »

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    Air Guns

    Whatever your experience and desired use, you'll find a broad selection of Air Guns along with expert advice from our staff at Backwater Guns & Outfitters. learn more »

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    Machine Guns

    Backwater Guns & Outfitters is fully licensed to handle your machine gun requests. Interested in owning one of these elite weapons? Our experts will guide you in selecting the perfect firearm for your needs, and we will assist you in completing all NFA paperwork needed in order to make the machine gun legally yours. These items are available upon request. learn more »

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    Optics & Scopes

    A properly sourced and fitted sight is critical to your success and enjoyment. Visit the experts at Backwater Guns & Outfitters for the right solution. We also offer exacting installations. learn more »

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    Reloading Supplies

    Backwater Guns & Outfitters carries the supplies you need to keep your reloading going. Primers, powder, presses, and parts are available and in-stock. We carry bullets, brass, die sets, lubes, scales, case cleaners, and much more. Our sales associates are happy to discuss the reloading process with you as well as answer any questions you may have. learn more »

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    Firearm Storage

    Invest in quality gun cases and safes to protect and secure your firearms. Backwater Guns & Outfitters has the area’s largest safe selection from the industry's leading providers. Stop in today! learn more »

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    Tactical Accessories

    Not only does Backwater Guns & Outfitters offer a full line of guns and ammunition, but we also provide a complete selection of tactical gear to keep you ready on and off the range. This includes AR accessories such as Magpul furniture, mounts, rail systems, and slings, as well as optics by top of the line manufacturers like Trijicon, Vortex, and Leupold. In addition, we are here to prepare you for a great day at the range. Backwater Guns & Outfitters is ready to outfit you no matter your price-point. We carry an expansive selection of the exclusive White Wing range bags and gun cases, and we also offer the full line of Fox Tactical equipment, including range bags, backpacks, hats, ammo dump pouches, magazine pouches, drop leg systems, and much more. learn more »